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Ergonomics and Labor Physiotherapy Programs


Our programs are designed according to the work areas and the requirements of the company by a team of highly trained and internationally trained professionals with ergonomic certification programs with Back School Of Atlanta, and nationally in functional rehabilitation and prescription of physical exercise. We are guided by OSHA and NIOSH regulations for ergonomic assessment and determination of dysergonomic risk factors.

Ergonomic Analysis of Jobs

Biomechanical study of the position, study of the frequency and duration of these activities during the working day, the determination and quantification of the risk factors of musculoskeletal injuries present in the activities and the work environment through the methods corresponding to each factor present and international regulations on ergonomics and occupational health, study of intensity of physical effort and suggestion of the types of solutions that should be taken into account to minimize the risks of musculoskeletal injuries present in the workplace

Industrial Athletes

Health promotion program designed for each work area within the plant, where work activity is conceived as a physical activity and as such carries a certain preparation: warm-up routine prior to the day, and stretching routine before the day , at the end of the lunch break and after the workday.

Occupational Labor Physiotherapy

Assessment and physiotherapeutic care in Company, so that the worker does not have to ask for prolonged permits to move to a rehabilitation clinic and thus the evolution of the same can be monitored very closely by the doctor of the company.

Talks on Health Promotion and Health Fairs

Staff health education is key to strengthening the organizational culture, we have a portfolio of various topics that may be of great need for each company, from prevention of stationary, epidemiological and viral diseases, postural hygiene, healthy lifestyles, management and stress control, food, among others.

Profesiograms and Evaluation of Worker by anthropometric and functional requirements of the job

Functional assessment of the candidate in charge or of the worker where it is determined: static and dynamic force, spinal stability, coordination and balance, for specific physical demands activities.

Physiotherapy in External Consultation

Special prices and agreements are offered with solidarity-based companies and associations that want to provide a plus in the health care of their workers.

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